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As Machiavelli once said "Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results." It is these passions that we search for while delving into our history, a way of connecting to the great men and women who came before us. We reach back and learn from their mistakes and victories and gain a sense of belonging to the great cycle of life. For History Lovers is a place to explore our past and debate on the significance of major and minor historical events.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

This Week in History June 28 - July 4

Monday, June 28, 2010
  • JUNE 28, 1914- Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated by Serbian nationalist, Nedjelko Cabrinovic while in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He was the nephew of Emperor Franz Josef and heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his death sparked the beginning of World War I.
  • JUNE 29, 1974- With her husband, President Juan Peron on his deathbed, Isabela Peron who was serving as his Vice President, is named President of Argentina. She would be the first female head of government in the Western Hemisphere, however, she was unable to gain political support and in 1976 she was deposed and imprisoned by the military for five years.
  • JUNE 30, 1520- Spanish forces under the command of conquistador, Hernan Cortes flee from the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. In what is know to the Spanish as the Night of Sadness, many Spanish soldiers drowned when a ship carrying Cortes' hoard of Aztec treasure sunk. Instead of regrouping for an attack, Cortes continued to Cuba where he fought of rivals newly arrived from Spain. He would later return to Tenochtitlan and cause the fall of the Aztec Empire.
  • JULY 1, 1867- Canada gains independence from England.During the 1860s there became a need of a Canadian federation so that common defense, a national railroad system and the smoothing over of French and English differences was possible. So on this date in 1867 the British North America Act was passed and the Dominion of Canada was established as a self-governing nation within the British Empire.
  • JULY 2, 1937- While attempting to fly around the world, Amelia Earhart and her navigator Frederick Noonan disappear near the Pacific, Howland Island. They  had radioed that they were out of fuel but the crew of the Itasca, a Coast Guard cutter sent to help Earhart's flight, couldn't pin point their location and they went down before they could reach land. The Coast Guard did a thorough search of the area but the plane, Earhart or Noonan have never been found.
  • JULY 3, 1863- The third day of the Battle of Gettysburg ends in disaster for General Robert E. Lee as he fails to break the Union line and thus brings an end to the battle. The Battle of Gettysburg would be the turning point in the American Civil War. on November 19 of the same year Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address at the dedication a new nation cemetery at the site of the battle.
  • JULY 4, 1776- The United States declares independence from Great Britain. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Continental Congress signs the Declaration of Independence, one of the most famous  documents in American history. After another eight years of the American War for Independence, America became an independent nation with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.


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